SpiritVision Music is a part of SpiritVision, a 501(c)3 non-profit with a purpose and mission of facilitating healing and spiritual awakening through the modalities of Music, Education, and Interfaith Spirituality. SpiritVision was first conceived in July 1998 by Rev Cheri Neill, Rev Jeri Ann Harvey, (an Elder in Metropolitan Community Churches), and Rev Kay Neill.

SpiritVision Music is a fusion of musical components combined to create both new and renewed sound. SpiritVision Music works in the areas of production, performance, publishing, coaching, teaching and events.

SpiritVision History & Events

SING 2013 copy 2SpiritVision has produced three major multi-faith choir events. The first, called GospelFest, was held in November 5, 2011 and involved eight different churches. It was hosted at St. Luke’s Lutheran Church in Bellevue, WA. Singers from church choirs, as well as individuals who weren’t attached to any particular church, came together to increase consciousness and spiritual awareness of how to be present with those different from ourselves and use the choral experience to create multi-community connections.
The second event, in which the name was changed to SING! 2012, had 11 churches involved. More multi-faith, racially diverse connections were made. The event expanded the bridge of understanding between the music of black and white churches, as well as those from different denominations.

SING 2012SING! 2013 had 15 churches involved. Members of Catholic, Lutheran, Methodist, Religious Science, Pentecostal and more came together for the love of music. In addition to the music, we had a rainbow labyrinth, representing Metropolitan Community Church Seattle (now Emerald City MCC).

We are now working on SING! 2016, which is scheduled for May 7, 2016 at 7 p.m. at Seattle Unity. In addition to the choral activities, this SING! will also focus on the topics of racial and spiritual diversity by leading a series of discussion groups. SING! 2016 is co-sponsored by SpiritVision Music and The Total Experience Gospel Choir. It will be hosted by Seattle Unity Church and endorsed by Prays Well With Others organization. Our intention is to involve as many different faith communities as possible, accessing potential singers for SpiritVision Mass Choir through the music departments and choirs, as well as inviting individuals who are not attached to any particular church.

Watch a preview of the mass choir for SING! 2016 here:



SpiritVision Music publishes music through a license with ASCAP (the American Society of Composers, Authors & Publishers)

12185488_971616389576879_4420684901962005185_oSpiritVision Music works with Fair Trade Music in Seattle to unite musicians and supporters in a vibrant, sustainable community that supports a living wage for musicians.


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